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Alternative media with critical up-to-date commentaries and assessments on world economic, monetary and investment developments.


Business and Investment news from the Wallstreet Journal Digital Network.

Alex Jones - Infowars

Alternative media news, with focus on freedom/libertarian issues & lots of great movies by this talk show host.

King World News

Features interviews with some of the world's top investment commentators/strategists. Also covers other topics. Somewhat sensationalist but worth checking out now and again.

Bob Chapman - The Interational Forecaster

Financial and Economic news published twice a week. Requires subscription to access all articles. Lots of Bob Chapman on YouTube

Gerald Celente - Trends Research Institute

Requires subscription. Gerald Celente provides insight into the future and is uncanny in his analysis of many world trends. Many interviews on YouTube.

Webster Griffin Tarpley

A critic of Anglo-American hegemony. Author of  George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography and Who Killed Aldo Moro?

MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis

Mike Shedlock / Mish blogs on investment, finance, economics.

Max Keiser's Report

Max Keiser is a TV presenter, radio host, entrepreneur, broadcaster and journalist.

Marc Faber of GloomBoomDoom

Dr Faber is well known for his "contrarian" investment approach. His scope is international.

Jim Sinclair's Mineset

Jim Sinclair is primarily a precious metals specialist and a commodities and foreign currency trader, providing astute commentary and lessons in his field.

Editorials selected by Gold Eagle

Select gold/silver oriented editorials. Here is the link to Gold Eagle's main page.

Harvey Organ's Gold & Silver Report

Great daily Gold and Silver report from someone who understands commodity trading (Comex, LBMA). Also commentaries on finance, economics, etc.

Peter Schiff

Austrian School economic forecaster, host of the The Peter Schiff Show, President of EMark

Mark J. Lundeen Report

Excellent analysis and charts for stocks, precious metals, bonds, debt, U.S. focus mainly

Silver Doctors

Shamelessly promotes silver but has timely and useful information and analysis.